Re: [stella] C64->SC tool

Subject: Re: [stella] C64->SC tool
From: Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 08:40:21 -0400
Nick S Bensema wrote:

> Perhaps you could design it to co-exist with certain assembler programs
> like TASM or whatever you c64 people tend to use.  Store the makewav
> code at $2000 or $4000 or something, have the user load it as a binary
> from the assembler, as if it were a font or something.  Then the user
> would program for $1000-$1FFF and everything, but set the start address
> to where the 'charger code begins.  After compiling, the 'charger code
> would bring up a little menu so the user can prepare the 2600 and play
> the wav and whatever.

This is exactly what I'm planning :)  Currently, there is no menu
tho.  My source just looks like:
jmp playbin
;Atari code starts here

Then I just assemble and run (just 2 keystrokes), it's assembled,
and played out into the Supercharger.  This seems far less
tedious than all the mousing/switching windows etc. that the
PC (and Amiga?) required.  And besides, if you're lucky, you
can buy the whole development system (a C64+disk drive) for
$25 :)

I think I'll keep it this way, so there's as little messing
about as possible, and then provide a seperate menu program
that allows you to configure/play if you wish.
Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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