Re: [stella] composite video modification doesn't quite work

Subject: Re: [stella] composite video modification doesn't quite work
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 15:34:00 -0400 (EDT)
In article <199709221807.NAA13145@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:
>I have added composite output to my Atari 2600, following the directions of the
>Atari FAQ,
>but certain games have colors that are screwed up, such as Pitfall II,
>Laserblast, etc.
>Has anyone else had this problem? 

I've had problems with some colours not showing up properly after the
composite mod. What I get are colours that show up the same as the back
ground but are outlined along the vertical edges. Player #1 in Chopper
Command, and the blocks on the first level in Edtris do this. It makes
it very difficult to play (looks like the ship is cloaked or something).

This happens in a few other games. In Commando the score of player #1 is

It suggests to me that the TIA isn't entirely responsible for the video of
the 2600 and perhaps there is another point on the board that needs to be
taped to make a composite signal as well.

To get around these problems I play Chopper Command in 2 player mode and
just waste the first player. And I start Edtris on a higher level

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