Re: [stella] composite video modification doesn't quite work

Subject: Re: [stella] composite video modification doesn't quite work
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 23:59:42 +0100
At 0:00 -0400 25-09-1997, crackers@xxxxxxxx wrote:

>I've had problems with some colours not showing up properly after the
>composite mod. What I get are colours that show up the same as the back
>ground but are outlined along the vertical edges. Player #1 in Chopper
>Command, and the blocks on the first level in Edtris do this. It makes
>it very difficult to play (looks like the ship is cloaked or something).

It's exactly the kind of problem I've tried to explain, it's caused by the
three luma lines that don't  mix very well. Get a little pot (are they
called "trimmers"?) and send a luma line through it, turn the pot to see if
you can get good colors. If it's not good enough, try with the other two
luma signals.

BTW... I've a 2600jr that gives such a beautiful, vivid image via RF that I
don't want to modify it for composite video because it's much better than
my other, modified 2600!


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