Re: [stella] Does this look right? (clock)

Subject: Re: [stella] Does this look right? (clock)
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 03:46:10 -0400 (EDT)
In article , you wrote:
>In article <3434cdb3.1871992@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, you wrote:
>>>>inc DAYS         ;of course, you could extend this to weeks, months, etc.
>>>you're kidding, aren't you? :-)
>>Well, it is cheaper to buy a 2600 deck with hookups for $10 to play a
>>virtual pet than to buy the real thing for $20-$30...
>>I recently set a record by having Windows 95 running for 92 hours straight
>>without crashing... wonder what the record is for a 2600 :)  Most virtual
>>pets get 1-3 months per "life".. could the 2600 approach that?
>The pet I bought to get a feel for what a virtual pet was only had a life
>span of 8 days max. Once it died I put it away in it's box. My 5 year old
>wants one for X-mas and I managed to keep this one hidden from him while
>I was experimenting with it.
>But that's what I figure. People will probably just use a spare 2600 and
>an old B&W TV and set this thing up in a corner somewhere.
>It'll even make an interesting conversation piece for people who don't
>even collect the Atari 2600.
>                                  CRACKERS
>                       (2600s as decoration from hell!!!)


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