Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game

Subject: Re: [stella] Latest version of my new game
From: <kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:17:05 +0200
Sorry I post again, but I've worked a little on a possible scoring and
health scheme for your MULTI game.
Maybe you find it useful. Here it goes...


Enemies you hit with your cannon's shots:

Plane...50 points
Helicopter...60 points
First of double bomb...30 points
Second of double bomb...40 points
Parachute...10 to 50 points, depending on height
Man on parachute...50 points
Man in free fall...80 points
Care packet...10 points

Enemies that are hit otherwise:

Man in foxhole hit by falling parachuter...100 points
Running man hit by falling parachuter...150 points
Parachute hit by another falling parachuter or care packet...100 points
Catching care packet...50 points and 1 hit point

Health points system:

Cannon starts with 50 hit points.
It cycles color from green to red, or white to dark grey,
according to its health state.
Each hit by a bomb costs 1 hit point;
hits by double bombs cost 2 hit points.
A human pyramid attacking the cannon costs 5-8 hit points.
Being hit by another obstacle (planes or helicopters coming down)
also costs 1 hit point, so the player has to take care to shoot them
where they can't hit his cannon.

A care packet is dropped every 200 points.
If it comes down so that the cannon is able to catch it,
it shouldn't be shot. Then it will bring 1 health point back.
If it is shot, then it drops onto the cannon in a damaged state and
COSTS 1 hit point.
If it comes down in an area where the cannon can't catch it,
it or its parachute should be shot in order to drop down quickly and
maybe kill some men.
If it comes down unshot, it won't harm anything.
However, since a care packet is released each time you cross a 200
points boundary, the player can take care of when he reaches that
boundary, so that the packets are more likely to fall in the area where
they can be caught by the cannon. To achieve this, the player has to
watch the helicopters, the score counter AND the enemies he wants to
This would bring some strategy into the game.

Maybe it also would be cute if the screen flashed in different colors
at each hit depending on what has been shot (for instance, blue for
purple for helicopters, red for planes, yellow for care packets, white
if the
cannon has been hit...)

With love,
Kurt Woloch

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