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Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Classic people in Next Generation mag
From: <kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:16:56 +0200
>>> Anyway, there is also a neat piece in the Retro section about the
>>> used in the arcade game based on the the band Journey which I guess it
>>> became Journey Escape on the 2600.
>> Journey Escape and the arcade Journey game are two totally different games
>> with different styles of play.
> Yeah, the arcade game was pretty cool, huh?  ;)
> Ok, the 2600 version has some catchy music at the beginning...
> (if you ignore the cycling :)

I tried both of them. Can't say anything about the music due to the lack
of a soundcard. The 2600 one is one of those games you don't understand
without reading the manual (Thank God that's online too!)

The arcade one looks funny (cartoon characters with set-up heads), but
in gameplay rather reminds
of some bad C-64 games... If you wouldn't KNOW it was an arcade game,
you could consider it as a
joke... like "Pie Bill Gates", for instance (BTW, when does THAT game
appear for the 2600?). I wonder how many of these arcade machines were
sold! I think "Moonwalker" (the game about Michael Jackson by Sega) was
far better done. Maybe it was because Michael designed it ... maybe the
Journey band members were not so good at designing video games? :-)

Anyway, I like "Open arms" (the only song by Journey I know, which I've
also got a Karaoke version of) better than BOTH of the games.

Bally seems to have used the same technology in Spy Hunter (single-res
for the background, interlacing for the sprites), which, by the way, is
LAME compared to the C-64 and EVEN the 2600 version... You don't
encounter enemies for a long time, but WHEN you do, they are very hard
to beat...
If they had posted the arcade game to this list first, there may have
been some additional fine-tuning :-)
This is one where I consider the 2600 version gameplay to be BETTER than
the original.

But considering the technology (and interlacing, in special): Is there
any 2600 game using interlacing?
For instance, in PAL (I'm not a TV technician, but I think) there are
312 line pictures alternating with 313 line ones. But I don't know if
there's an additional trick to achieve this (such as sending the sync in
the MIDDLE of the scanline). Has anyone yet tried to write an
interlacing game for the 2600?

With opened arm greetings,
Kurt Woloch

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