Re: Re: [stella] Classic people in Next Generation mag

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Classic people in Next Generation mag
From: Lee Seitz <lkseitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:25:35 -0500 (CDT)
kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx boldly stated:
>The arcade one looks funny (cartoon characters with set-up heads), but
>in gameplay rather reminds
>of some bad C-64 games... If you wouldn't KNOW it was an arcade game,
>you could consider it as a
>joke... like "Pie Bill Gates", for instance (BTW, when does THAT game
>appear for the 2600?).

Are you talking about the PieGates program that I temporarily had
available from my web pages???  I didn't think it had spread very far.

ObStellaProgramming:  Here's a question for the list.  We've seen that
the 2600 can handle sampled sounds.  Everyone remember "Stella says,
'write a new game'"?  Would it be possible to display a digitally
stored photograph?  Not necessarily as part of a game, just for the
sake of doing it.  Like the sound demo.

Also, I haven't played it lately, but I didn't think Journey Escape
was that bad.

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