Re: [stella] Hiragana Font For The 2600

Subject: Re: [stella] Hiragana Font For The 2600
From: "Siren" <beruche@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 11:10:05 -0700
>>second, that's a good idea.... though you're certainly not the first
>>to put kana into 8x8 bitmaps.... loot at any Japanese Game Boy game,
>>or Japanese NES RPG's.  One could probably rip the fonts from one of
>>those, but the effort would probably be too great.,
>Yeah, definetly more trouble that it's worth. The katakana font will be
>much easier since the characters are much simpler in design.
>Kanji on the other hand.... Oy!!!! I'm not going to be doing to much of
>that. A lot of it would require at least double sprites, but there are
>a few the could be accomplished in only 8bit widths.
>I started the font after I made a Hidari and Migi sprite so I could make
>a Hidari Vs Migi game like in Nadesico. ;) It worked well in the 8x8 block.
>Then I decided to make the whole Hiragana set.

Ugh.. Nadesico... my ex loved that anime... I never saw the finer points...
Oh! My Goddess for me.... Belldandy... *.*

>>If you're going for a Japanese Hangman or something like that,
>>this would be good.  For a demo, this would be a pretty cool touch.
>>If I ever focus long enough to make a 2600 demo, I might throw in
>>some of this just to mess with people's heads.
>Hey, if we kept this secret, we could have some real fun on r.g.v.c. by
>announcing the discovery of some newly discovered Japanese 2600 Prototypes!
>When I finish my V-pet program I'm planning to make it look like a Japanese
>game with a Japanese label and manual that is poorly translated into
>english. ;)

Hmm... I could always dig out my Japanese V-pet and scan the package for
you... and there IS no instructions with it. May save packaging costs. ^_-

>That's kind of how I practiced Japanese last summer. I translated songs
>into Japanese then back into English. The results were often amusing.

The little bits I learned were from Japanese friends and watching raw
anime... I'm gonna have to break down and take a Japanese class one of these
years. Oh, and my Sailor Venus single. ^^*

>>In practice, though, we're probably only going to use one or two
>>phrases anyway, so it might be more economical to just draw the
>>characters in manually, like we do for English text.  A word like
>>"kudasai", for example... "oshite kudasai" to press the button,
>>etc.  I can do that in 24 bytes.
<snip kuda symbol>
>>.11.....  also, traditionally video games use horizontal text like
>>11..11..  we do, even in Japan.  Even, apparently, in Japanese-made
>>.1.1....  arcade games, which have an excuse to write vertically with
>>.1...1..  those vertical monitors.  In fact, a lot of Japanese arcade
>>.1.11...  games just use Roman letters.  I don't know why, or how the
>>........  Japanese people deal with another language intruding into
>>...1....  their society so much, but I have seen the Japanese versions
>>..111...  of enough games to get a feel for the trends.
>There is a lot of speculation that within the next 50 years the Japanese
>are likely to switch to Romaji instead of their current Kanji/Kana
>method. Prompted mostly by the need to use computers quickly and

Really? O.O I never heard about that...

>I hate using Japanese word pros. And since you have to type the words in
>in Romaji in the first place, it would only make sense to keep it that
>way. Most of the younger generation can read and write Romaji and it would
>certainly free up a lot of academic time not having to memorize a gazillion

As useful as that would be, I'm not sure I like the idea a great deal. I
mean, yes it would be more efficient and such, but they'd lose a lot of the
cultural diversity out of it. I mean, and I probably am making a huge ass of
myself here, but every Japanese text is a piece of art. Plus the intermixing
of kanji and katakana just looks too cool.

My opinion will change real quick when I take Japanese.. ^^;

>>.1......  I bring this up because if we were to make Japanese versions
>>..11....  of our games, we'd probably have to rewrite the kernel to
>>........  display text vertically down the screen instead of across
>>.1......  the bottom of the screen where it usually is.  In fact,
>>.1..1...  we'd probably have to use a lot of cycles on the main
>>.1..1...  scanning loop to display the text alongside a playfield.
>>.11.....  We'd also have to use up a player.  Titles are another
>>          story, but the way most Atari 2600 games stuff everything
>>into 4K is to use just one display kernel and leave it on no matter
>>what, replacing the score with an option number or a copyright notice
>>when no game is being played.
><snip 6DSR bit>
>>But then again, look at what Warren Robinett did.  I think the only
>>English phrases I've ever seen written vertically are "MOTEL"
>>and "Created by Warren Robinett".  Oh yeah, and thanks to the
>>emulator, "A-TEAM".  I didn't know the A-Team had a rocketship.  :)
>I think Dragon Stomper has quite of few words in it. And then there's the
>"Press Play On Tape" that the Supercharger displays. I think that was
>the first text message other than a company name that I ever saw on the
>2600. The first time I saw the Supercharger I thought it must give the
>2600 an ASCII character set.

*Shivers* Dont say that... brings back Commodore 64 hell as a kid.

"Press Play On Tape."
no! wanna load the disk!
"Press Play On Tape."
*cry* DAD! what's the numbers again?

I was 4 for godsake, leave me alone.

>HEY! I know what we could do....
>Let's translate "Dark Mage" into Japanese! ;)

*beats Chris with a kendo stick* Baka na atama! At least let the English
version get even close to finished ^^;

How abouts a Japanese version of Forbidden Forest? ;D

-- Ryan Allan, over his head, he knows.
"He looks a lot like Tiger Williams,
he'll be brave and strong and true.
But if you try to cross him, he will put a hurt on you."
- Hanson Brothers, "He Looked A Lot Like Tiger Williams."

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