Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05

Subject: Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05
From: Eckhard Stolberg <Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 15:08:28 +0200
At 09:10 03.08.98 +0200, you wrote:
>Well, maybe it'd be a better choice to have multi-colored players
>(color-sliced) than to have background graphics? You could still do a

The reason why I don't use colour-sliced graphics for this
program is, that the differently coloured body parts don't
stay on the same level all the time. For example: if I use
different colours for the body and the feet and then have
a kicking animation frame, where the body and a foot are
on the same level, the foot or the body would have to change
it's colour. I don't like that. But if you can draw multicoloured
animations, where every frame looks good, I will gladly use them. :-)

>Also, I'm still missing the ending of your former production, Cubis. The
>last version I tried showed a title screen where several options were
>displayed, but you couldn't choose anything from it. So I assume it

Cubis uses Supercharger features. If you run it on an emulator,
you have to make sure, that you start it in SC mode. Maybe you need
to get the 8448 byte version form Nick's website. The options should
be chooseable with the left joystick.

The only part of Cubis, that still needs to be worked on is the
sound and music part, but I currently have no plans to do that
anytime soon.

>But talking about exploding fist, as you guys also were, I almost liked
>better the "Fist II". It had some sort of adventural character, and I
>sometimes STILL try to draw a map of it. I admit I got it from my
>schoolmates way back then - in fact I didn't ever BUY a single original

Fist II is one of the few original C64 games, that I still have.
But that is mainly because it is on the same compilation CD as
M.U.L.E. and Impossible Mission. :-)

Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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