Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05

Subject: Re: [stella] Beat 'em up 05
From: Robin Harbron <macbeth@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 13:11:43 -0400
Eckhard Stolberg wrote:
> Fist II is one of the few original C64 games, that I still have.
> But that is mainly because it is on the same compilation CD as
> M.U.L.E. and Impossible Mission. :-)

Fist II was such a cool idea - too bad it was so
buggy.  I don't know how that wasn't caught, it's
like they didn't even play it before it was
released :/  Andrew - hope that wasn't your work ;)

I've been going through boxes of used C64 disks I've
been picking up at thrifts lately, and nearly killed
myself laughing when I found a pirated copy of Way
of the Exploding Fist mislabeled (probably by some
13 year old kid) as:
Land of the Exploding Hand! :)

I've been playing through all my 2600 carts that
have sort of a "quest" element to them - not
necessarily an adventure game, but ones that you
actually "complete" rather than them just being
open ended scorers.  My favourites so far are
Pitfall, Pitfall II, Front Line and Enduro.  I
find Superman and especially the Swordquest games
too surreal to get into - perhaps just too
confusing to be fun, and I'm just not motivated
enough to spend the time reading the instructions :)

These sort of games are relatively rare on the
2600, but completely the norm on today's systems -
seems that there has been a shift from the "scorers"
to the "completers" (hmm, that needs a better term)
that has fairly directly followed the storage
capacity of the media - from 2k 2600 cartridges to
the 3*650MB cdrom games I'm playing on my PC.
It seems the games are turning more into stories.
Robin Harbron    macbeth@xxxxxxxxxxx

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