Re: [stella] Fun

Subject: Re: [stella] Fun
From: Lee Krueger <leekru19@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:33:18 -0800
I think this is pretty cool Russll. I really enjoyed it. I haven't gotten over
10,000 points since my youth when I got the patch for this game.

Now for some bad news, be prepared for a nasty lecture from Glenn. I once posted
a bin image of an unreleased prototype on this group, thinking I was doing the
classic gaming world a favor. Although, what I think you did is quite harmless
(as did I), just be forewarned that Glenn will probably give you a tongue
lashing for posting a commercially released bin file on stella. I hope he will
be a little more tactful than last time.

In any event, thanks. I rather liked the mod.


Russell Babylon wrote:

> Well I think its time to have some fun on this list!  The Atari 2600 was
> about playing games and I have hacked some of the old ones to make them
> a little easier to play!  I am pretty new to this list so if this has
> been done before please forgive me.  Attached please find the binary
> file for the Activision game Stampede.  This modified game will let you
> play forever!  You will never lose a life if a cow gets past you.  I
> always wanted to see the "saddle" if you went over 10000 points.
> Russ
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                       Name: Stamped2.bin
>    Stamped2.bin       Type: application/x-macbinary (application/x-macbinary)
>                   Encoding: base64

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