[stella] Mac/SC loading

Subject: [stella] Mac/SC loading
From: Schwerin <schwerin@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 00:56:25 -0500
I looked at Bob Colbert's makewav.c 3.1 today.  I fed it into the Mac
Programmer's Workshop.  MPW coughed a little, so I added function
prototypes, renamed setvol() to setvolume(), and did a lot of pointer
variable type casting.

It now compiles, however, when you run it, it loads and then quits.  I
pretty much know why.  First, main() gets a null input string, so it thinks
"Hey let's put up the help text".  This is because you don't start
applications at a text prompt on a mac, and therefore, main() has no text
string to deal with.
Second, when main() exits, the program quits, rather than display the help

So what is needed is some code that acts as a fake prompt that then hands
it down to main().  If this is written, we can have makewav for the mac!  I
might do this in the near future.  If you are eager, I can show you my
modified source code.

Why not go the full nine yards?  Write a program that ouputs to the speaker
from the .bin file.  Anyone out there know how to play a self-generated
mono waveform on a mac via toolcalls?  I have done it, but I'm kind of lazy
at the
moment to look at old source code.

As for how the audio acts to load a program, Bob Colbert describes it well


You generate a bit stream in audio.  You use two set frequencies, one high
and one low (the actual frequencies are not important).  The low freq is
for a 1 bit, the high freq is for a 0 bit.

(Hey if you want to get really spiffy, make a plugin you can call from MPW
that plays your supercharger audio for your project.  Anyone care to do
this, or at least the MPW interface part?)

-Andrew Schwerin
King of Guerrilla Type Casting

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