Re: [stella] Mac/SC loading

Subject: Re: [stella] Mac/SC loading
From: Lord Spambraticus of Borg <satanus@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 21:46:43 +1000
On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 00:56:25 -0500 schwerin@xxxxxxxx (Schwerin) wrote:

>I looked at Bob Colbert's makewav.c 3.1 today.  I fed it into the Mac
>Programmer's Workshop.  MPW coughed a little, so I added function
>prototypes, renamed setvol() to setvolume(), and did a lot of pointer
>variable type casting.

Hrm, I can make this "proper" for you, if you like... I may have even downloaded
this beastie at one point -- where did you get the source?

>It now compiles, however, when you run it, it loads and then quits.  I
>pretty much know why.  First, main() gets a null input string, so it thinks
>"Hey let's put up the help text".  This is because you don't start
>applications at a text prompt on a mac, and therefore, main() has no text
>string to deal with.
>Second, when main() exits, the program quits, rather than display the help

I can fix that too, and maybe if you twist my arm, make a Commando interface
[aka Macintosh friendly dialog-box thingie for all the options] too.  Ask Ruffie
Bailey about what I did for DASM.

>So what is needed is some code that acts as a fake prompt that then hands
>it down to main().  If this is written, we can have makewav for the mac!  I
>might do this in the near future.  If you are eager, I can show you my
>modified source code.

I'll look at the original first, but why not e-mail me your source as well.
I'll make a FAT tool out of it.

>Why not go the full nine yards?  Write a program that ouputs to the speaker
>from the .bin file.  Anyone out there know how to play a self-generated
>mono waveform on a mac via toolcalls?  I have done it, but I'm kind of lazy
>at the moment to look at old source code.

This too would not present any problems.... Again, lemme know what you want,
chances are I can whip it out in a couple of hours.

>As for how the audio acts to load a program, Bob Colbert describes it well

>You generate a bit stream in audio.  You use two set frequencies, one high
>and one low (the actual frequencies are not important).  The low freq is
>for a 1 bit, the high freq is for a 0 bit.

>(Hey if you want to get really spiffy, make a plugin you can call from MPW
>that plays your supercharger audio for your project.  Anyone care to do
>this, or at least the MPW interface part?)

I'll take a look at the spec, and see what's to do.  I assumed the wavplay thing
just outputs the bitstream like a regular wav audio file.  This isn't the case?


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