[stella] 7800 demos -- approved

Subject: [stella] 7800 demos -- approved
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 17:43:32 -0800
At 12:22 PM 11/23/99 -0800, you wrote:
The question is, is this demo legal, and is it O.K. to publish these kinds
of demos on this list?

I believe that Hasbro's press release implies that all orphaned Atari consoles are now open platforms, essentially giving the nod to those who defeat these encryptions as Carl Forhan has done. The function of the encryption in these platforms was to force developers to work out licensing/approval arrangements with Atari. This was to avoid a flood of bad software as what helped create the crash of '84. Since Hasbro isn't spending a penny to sell this hardware or develop new software for these units, they have absolutely nothing to fear from the encryption being defeated (by any means necessary, copyright or no) for the purpose of the creation of homebrew games.

The encryption code itself may be copyrighted software, but it is not in any way involved in actually running the main loop of a game. It's not game code. It's not game graphics. IIt's not even an OS ROM image. t's purely a locking mechanism which is, as I said, worthless intellectual property to Hasbro in 1999. Sharing this code should not be seen as a violation of copyright of any measurable consequence. Now posting a BIN of Scrapyard Dog or Ballblazer would be, but not this.

Therefore I approve posting 7800 demos to the list, although I would prefer that they be stored elsewhere and a hyperlink provided because attached 7800 binaries are likely to be much larger than those for the 2600. I believe we currently have a 40K limit on individual message size.

You have permission to post the encryption-defeat bootstrap code here to get people started coding. That should be small enough.

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