Re: [stella] "Illegal" opcodes

Subject: Re: [stella] "Illegal" opcodes
From: "John K. Harvey" <jkharvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 17:17:49 -0500
Ok, since these can seemingly be useful on the Atari 2600 platform at the
very least, does anyone know what they all are?  Perhaps a website
dedicated to the 6502 has a complete list.  I'm assuming that the other 100
or so illegal opcodes aren't all 'LAX'.
This sounds like a great way to save cycles, and sounds like another one of
those neat "programming tricks".  Perhaps some ROMs already use illegal
opcodes, and that prevents their full working on certain emulators.  Has
anyone ever encountered illegal opcodes in a disassembly project?

	-John K. Harvey

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