Re: [stella] Thrust 1.0

Subject: Re: [stella] Thrust 1.0
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:01:18 +0200
Mark De Smet wrote:
>I think this game is really fun, but I think it would add to the longevity
>if you created additional levels. 
That's exactly what i can't do, because all the level data has to
be together with the kernel in one 4k page. And there's really
no space left.

>I don't think that I would add another
>'factor' onto it as I am doubtful that I would ever be motivated enough to
>finish the current 'other factor' to get to a new one. 
And if adding another factor is the only chance to get more missions?

>Is there an end screen, or after you complete 24 does it sipmly go back to
>the beginning, or is there more for me to discover?
Find out for yourself or ask those who have completed the 24 missions. 
If i would tell it here, nobody else could discover it for himself anymore.

I'm starting to wonder wether i should limit the rookie mode to some of
the first levels and/or only the first "factor". So everybody who wants to 
see all of the game has to go the hard way and learn to fly the ship like
it was in the original c64 game.

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