Re: [stella] Supercharger questions

Subject: Re: [stella] Supercharger questions
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 22:28:17 -0400
> I'm not sure why you would want to test if the supercharger is modified
> of not, but your method would probably work.

Well, 3 reasons:
1) I forgot to label my switch and I was too lazy to take it apart 
again ;)  
2) It was a nice excuse to see if I can do bank switching and RAM 
3) I thought maybe it would be useful for folks who weren't sure if 
their mod was working right.

> But I think to make the
> supercharger work with all games, the modification also has to turn of
> the writing capability. So simply trying if you can write to the SC's RAM
> might also do the trick.

Ok, I will try this too.  Is there a known 2k or 4k image which will 
fail on an unmodified supercharger?  I think "Worship the 
Woodgrain" includes a list, but I didn't buy this one yet.

BTW, the Combat source on the net didn't assemble to the exact 
bytes as the original dump.  I updated it to do this, plus added the 
known original subroutine names from Joe Decuir's presentation on 
Combat.  If someone wants it, just let me know.  Since Joe had the 
source for Combat with him, I wonder if he would be willing to let it 
get scanned, especially if it has original comments.  (The write to 
SWBCNT still throws me :) )


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