[stella] Supercharger questions

Subject: [stella] Supercharger questions
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 01:55:27 -0400

I've been on this list for years, but I'm just beginning to mess with 
some 2600 code this week.  I was inspired by Joe Decuir's great 
discussion of the Combat code at CGExpo, plus watching the 
Glenn's Volume 1 video :)

So far I've got a scrolling background and some playfield going, to 
get my feet wet.

I'm now trying to write some code which will detect whether or not 
the supercharger is running in regular or modified mode.  I hadn't 
seen code that does this but I thought it might be handy for testing 
the modification.

At any rate, does this sound like a good methodology...?:

	1) load the code into F000-FFFF from the supercharger
     (assume you are using bank 3 for F000-F7FF, and that the 
      there is nothing but the start vector in F800-FFFF)

      2) switch to bank 3,1 mode, enabling RAM writing

      3) write a #$55 to F800

	4) switch to bank 3,2 mode, enabling RAM writing

      5) write a #$aa to F800

	6) Switch to bank 3,1 mode, read F800, compare to #$55...
	7) Switch to bank 3,2 mode, read F800, compare to #$aa...

	8) If 6&7 pass, then bank switching is working and the 	        
         supercharger is umodified...else it is modified

Also, are there any timing things to watch out for regarding bank 
switching or ram access?  I've been looking at Chris Salomon's 
doc, but i'm wondering if there is any code that does this kind of 
thing already...since it's not quite working


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