Re: [[stella] New ROMS - old idea]

Subject: Re: [[stella] New ROMS - old idea]
From: Dan Iacovelli <dan-avc@xxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Aug 00 09:35:35 CDT
> It's not a project I'm capable of doing, but it would be neat if the 2600
> for Tempest oculd be disassembled, deciphered, and have driving controller
> input added.  Naturally, that leaves open the question of "how do you use
> superzapper," but there are options that make it feasible.  But, I thought
> this might be a topic people would be interested in here.
> Then again, since I've not played with the ROM the game could already have
> driving controller support in it.  I think that'd make it the second game
> actually support the driving controllers...
> Regards,
> matt
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>      jvm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Writer/Reviewer  |
The tempest 2600 rom can't be disassmemble with distella because it's too
big(8K). it can be dissabled with the dissambler in pcae(however it won't be
good because it skips alot of commands) you could try use the debugger
in pcae and write code out your self from that.
I tryed playing the 2600 tempest but the controls don't work.
Dan Iacovelli

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