Re: [stella] H.E.R.O. bars

Subject: Re: [stella] H.E.R.O. bars
From: "Doug Van Beynen" <dvb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 00:10:14 -0500

For Atari 2600 emulation try Stella

I'm using it on Solaris 8 and it's peppy on a 350mhz SPARC II.

You can compile it with the g++ compiler.  Although you can also
dowload the binaries.  It is also available on IRIX and Linux too.


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Subject: [stella] H.E.R.O. bars

> Hello.  Here's my next big question for awhile.
> In HERO, Seaquest, and Megamania, there is an energy bar at the bottom.  It
> has more accuracy than the 48 pixels of the six-digit score routine, so it
> seems to be very useful.  Has anyone looked at any code of this type to
> figure out how it's done?
> Thanks. :)
> -John K. Harvey
> P.S.  Know any good Atari UNIX emulators?
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