Re: [stella] New Game Idea

Subject: Re: [stella] New Game Idea
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 14:50:08 +0100
Rob wrote:
> At 06:15 PM 1/4/01 -0500, Tempest wrote:
> >Let me now what you all think of this idea.  Is this even feasible on the
> >2600?  I wasn't planning on dealing with any super detailed graphics (like
> >Solaris), It will probably look more like a mid 80's Atari game.
> Just sounds like multiple kernels to me.  You're gonna have to do it one
> stage at a time anyway so I suppose there'd be worse beginners' projects.

Sounds like 16K bankswitching to me :-)
Wow, with only three different stages, you could spend a whole 4K for an
> Maybe make it a Supercharger game?  (I bet we see more of those appear if
> the Superdupercharger becomes a reality.  I know I'd love to do a multiload
> Jumpman clone.)

If anybody on the list will attempt to not do a clone, but a port of
Jumpman, I'd be glad to host that project on my Epyx Shrine. 

Same goes for any port of an Epyx game to the VCS. If you haven't
visited the shrine lately, check out the latest updates, it now already
features Fire One, Silicon Warrior & Sword Of Fargoal and soon Crush,
Crumble & Chomp. I think they all could possibly be ported to the VCS,
so check them out if you're desperately seeking a new game idea. The
link again:


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