Re: [stella] New Game Idea

Subject: Re: [stella] New Game Idea
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 21:58:23 -0500
At 06:15 PM 1/4/01 -0500, Tempest wrote:
>Let me now what you all think of this idea.  Is this even feasible on the
>2600?  I wasn't planning on dealing with any super detailed graphics (like
>Solaris), It will probably look more like a mid 80's Atari game.

Just sounds like multiple kernels to me.  You're gonna have to do it one
stage at a time anyway so I suppose there'd be worse beginners' projects.

Maybe make it a Supercharger game?  (I bet we see more of those appear if
the Superdupercharger becomes a reality.  I know I'd love to do a multiload
Jumpman clone.)


kudla@xxxxxxxxx ... ... Rob

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