[stella] Re: PCAE2.2 and W2K

Subject: [stella] Re: PCAE2.2 and W2K
From: Dan Iacovelli <dan-avc@xxxxxxx>
Date: 9 Feb 2001 18:04:10 CST
"Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is anybody successfully running PCAE2.2 (latest?) under Windows 2000.
> The front-end opens up for me, but I simply get a blank screen/crash on
> running Bin files.
> I suspect a PCAE bug.  So, if you are running this emulator OK on W2K
> let me know.
> Thanks
> A
theres a new version out PCAE 2.5 and theres also one for windows too
that the one I use.
Dan Iacovelli
(I think I mentioned it some time back in the list)

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