[stella] Qb: Latest version v0.01

Subject: [stella] Qb: Latest version v0.01
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 01:37:09 +1100
Hey!  I got a version number :)))  I must be getting serious.
Here's the latest version which has had extensive changes to the uses of
variables - in particular, the use of overlays everywhere.  The overlay
system is great, and I no longer really feel short of RAM - I add a variable
for any routine that needs it, and as long as I stick to the rules, it kind
of self-manages.  Neato.
I've been optimising, speeding up and shrinking.  I guess i'm putting off
AI/sound... but when you check and see your ROM is $FE00... its time to do
optimising.  I'm now down to $FD00 again, though this particular version has
some work-in-progress stuff, so its a bit bigger than that.
I *still* have problems with the score line.  See the routine ScoreLine.
Anyone who fixes this one before me gets their name in the manual credits
As always, any comments/improvements welcome.  I sure would like to know
that some of you are actually following the devlopment of this thing!
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