Re: [stella] SuperDuperCharger interest check

Subject: Re: [stella] SuperDuperCharger interest check
From: Chad Schell <gamer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:55:48 -0800
At 05:06 AM 2/23/2001, you wrote:
At 11:48 PM 2/22/01 -0800, Chad Schell wrote:
>The SuperDuperCharger has come a long way since I last mentioned it on this
>list.  I'm currently trying to gauge interest in it becoming an actual
>product.  Please see my website for details.

Assuming that I can use it without having to install a Microsoft OS on my
computer, I'll buy one for a hundred bucks and have no problem prepaying.
Sorry to hear about your dog.

There are two software programs. One is just a hacked version of makewav, and yes the C code will still be available. So as long as you can play .wav files under your linux setup, you'll be mostly fine.

The second will be a streaming .bin player that doesn't create a .wav file. Right now it's just a command line, but I hope to put a GUI wrapper around it. The reason this exists is because on loading of large .wav files, the windows .wav players are not very reliable. They tend to have glitches when disk accesses occur, and this breaks the download. The glitches are subtle enough that you can't hear them, but bad enough to ruin the rather sensitive timing of the audio download.

So that's why I say mostly ok. If linux has the same problem, you'll need to address it, or deal with some failed downloads.

This problem drove me nuts, thinking it was a flaw in my audio adapter. But I finally did two things to clear up that concern. One, I burned files to a CD, and then never had a failure. And two, I downloaded large images into the Actual Supercharger and had the exact same failure rate. Things do work fine with the streaming .bin player though.

For the record, I've never gotten around to picking up a regular
Supercharger but I would have bought the Intellicart if I had an
Intellivision around.

Well, I just got more in stock, probably the last of them, so if you'd like one now's a good time. And for the record they work fine under linux using a file converter and the cat command to send the files to the serial port.


Chad Schell

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