Re: [stella] SuperDuperCharger interest check

Subject: Re: [stella] SuperDuperCharger interest check
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 00:50:37 -0800
I'm a big fan of this kind of hardware. I didn't get an Intellicharger but that was mostly because I don't own an Intellivision. There were a couple other devices like this in the pipeline a while back for the 2600 but they never really became shippable products. It's going to be the only way I'll probably ever be able to play games like Save Mary on a real 2600, for instance. Emulation is convenient but not nearly as satisfying as playing the real thing on a regular television set.

I also hope that if enough of these get sold that people might start graduating into writing 2600 games with more elaborate bankswitching schemes that would otherwise be impractical to distribute physically, but which would be fine electronically to those who have a Superdupercharger.

That's something I was hoping for the Supercharger itself but most game ideas that have come out of Stellalist have been doable in 4K.

Actually, another reason I like it is that at one point we were toying with the idea of building something like this with the help of Bill Heineman but it never materialized. That was going to be something like the Supercharger but with an expanded banking mode to go up to 32 or 64K. Not quite the same as this. This thing is like a Bankzilla for the rest of us.

BTW, Larry Kaplan said that 4K was more than anyone should ever need for a 2600 game. Bridge was his only 4K game and he said he only needed the extra 2K because of the AI. Interesting guy!

PS, a Ramcart for the Vectrex is also nearing production, another item that is LOOONG overdue.

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