Re: [stella] Trick12

Subject: Re: [stella] Trick12
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:15:52 -0500
At 01:35 PM 3/11/01 -0800, Glenn Saunders wrote:
>This is REALLY COOL and opens up the door to a lot of different games that 
>would otherwise be constrained to six sprites or the use of playfield.  For 
>instance, Okie Dokie could be rewritten for 12 sprites, or a version of 
>Othello or Go.

I'm thinking, how cool would an 11 by 5 Space Invaders clone be using this
trick.... Even if there may not be enough cycles left to draw things like
missiles when they pass through the scanlines occupied by the invaders....


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