[stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.12

Subject: [stella] Qb: Release candidate 2.12
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:08:32 +1100
Thanks to Eckhard for his comments on v2.11
Attached is v2.12, implementing some gameplay/scoring modifications...

> I still can't get used to the score countdown. In a game that

OK, that 'feature' has been junked.  The score no longer counts down :))
The original reason for the score countdown was to force you to keep going
through the screens.  Otherwise you'd just sit there and get points forever.
Eckhard suggested a bonus (which was already there), but I had a think about
the whole scoring thing - and he was right - it was effectively just a
weapon 'charge', which didn't make any sense.

So, the changes to the scoring are...

a) You get a massively more bonus points for completing the screen early.
Big incentive to hurry-up.  You can get about 10000 points for doing the
first screen quickly, for example.
b) You get NO POINTS FOR ANYTHING once the screen has changed the pattern
(ie: you were too slow).  So, you can continue to play... but no extra
lives, no points, etc.... there's little point staying on the current
screen;  all you can do there is die.  And if you use your weapon to stay
alive, that COSTS you points.... so staying on a screen has NO benefit.

This means that the score is now a very meaningful indicator of progress, as
it tracks very well your achievement/speed/knowledge of the gameplay

> > I plan to adjust the fruit functionality.  Currently, you just jump on

I have done this.  As before, the fruit are worth 100, 300,500 and
extra-life.  But, you must do them in exact sequence.  You only get 50
points if you jump on an out-of-sequence fruit.  If and only if you do the
sequence correctly, you will get an extra life.  The points are displayed
when you're still in sequence - if you don't see points, then you have to
start afresh (with the watermelon, of course).   IMHO this adds quite a bit
of gameplay, because you tend to try to hurry-up the fruits by tossing the
bad ones off the screen (spending points you gained).

I think both of these changes have made a big improvement in gameplay - and
now, of course, we really can see who is the best player - as the score is
much more meaningful :))


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