RE: [stella] Jim Nitchals

Subject: RE: [stella] Jim Nitchals
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 07:25:52 -0600
	I really only dealt with Jim a few times, but those few times were enough
to know that he was a class act.  As Glenn stated, it should be no secret
that he reverse-engineered the Supercharger tape format before I did.  When
the original Stella Gets a New Brain CD came out and they were all but gone,
he was nice enough to offer one to me.  I sent him a check and received the
CD shortly thereafter, with actually MORE money than I had sent him in cash
stuffed in the box.  In response I sent him Okie Dokie #51 (I hope it has
found its way into good hands).  Jim was a class act, and every time I fire
up Zany Golf for the Amiga I think about him.


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