[stella] Infogrames... Don't forget two player needs just one cart!

Subject: [stella] Infogrames... Don't forget two player needs just one cart!
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 01:11:19 -0400
These are games that I'd want to see in a GBA multicart:

Adventure (or, even better, Indenture, although much more work)
California Games (not sure if this is a "heavy hitter")

If Cali Games is possible, by all means include it.  Not only is it addictive, the "alternative" sports motif is quite popular now-a-days what with the Tony Hawk games and the BMX deal.  Hack [sack] and surfing are thumb numbers [that's good, natch].  ;)

Imo, no other single game will be as addictive and universally appealing.  I'd almost think about releasing California Games separately!  Might think about replacing the Atari "Louie, Louie" (isn't that the song) with a fancier version with native sound.  Anyhow...  Don't mean to troll there.

Other suggestions, based as much on appeal to young gamers (if they actually tried playing) as for their "classicness".  It's key to remember that GBA (iirc), unlike the GB and GBC, doesn't require two carts for linked play, so two player options get a lot more weight.  Also tried to limit these to actual Atari games:

* Surround is actually a good one for linking and has universal appeal.  I've gotten more non-classic gamers to play Surround or Snafu (Intellivision) than any other 2-player game.
* Combat -- no, really.  That would be great fun linked up!
* Air-Sea Battle (same spiel)
* Space Invaders, if you can pull that license.  Not only was it a great port and instrumental in keeping the 2600 alive, the insane number of two player options are a lot of fun and shouldn't be overlooked - would be second only to California Games in the "big license" arena.

One player games with "license trouble", either b/c they are big Atari faves or someone else has to own the license:
* Indiana Jones - Change his hat and call it "Bob's Big Adventure" if the license is an issue?  Neat game, esp for the true classic players
* Yars' Revenge - this would be a "big" Atari game, I'm afraid.
* Star Raiders - another "big" Atari game... and are there enough buttons on the GBA?  It's close.
* Frogger - if you can get the license, even the cart version (vs the Supercharger, which would be perfect) would be great to put on there.
* Bezerk
* Missile Command
* Too many Activision games to list quickly  :^(

Three games I just plain enjoy:
* Spider-Man (good luck with that license)
* Sea Battle (recent release)
* Atari's _first_ football (Okay, partly b/c I won my last game a month ago 149-0 -- Still got it!)

Anything modern would be great...
* TPS (This Planet Sucks) is a good quick diversion, and I'd vote to see it there.

I really liked the "earn your game" system/idea.  Don't lock out the universally appealing games, but make people earn the cult classics like IDJ, Star Raiders, TPS, or even...

* Chase the Chuckwagon! -- having that as the last game you earn would be some real inside baseball.

Indy 500 (with link)

I wonder how that'd translate without a driving controller.  Warlords would make my list if there was some reason to think it'd be fun sans paddles -- which I kind of doubt.  Great four player game though.  Include a paddle port on the cart and we're talking... :^D

And, of course, PLEASE don't include Pac-Man.  :^D

Ruffin Bailey

PS -- Qb is an easter egg only, right?  This would not take the place of a "GBA native" port that Andrew'd mentioned earlier, correct?  I was looking forward to that.
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