Re: [stella] Paddles

Subject: Re: [stella] Paddles
From: Sark <ian.primus@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 10:47:46 -0500
I agree, but I also feel that the average GBA user would not want to use a
paddle on it. Why? Because If you are using one hand to hold the base of the
paddle, and one hand to turn the knob, what are you using to hold the Game Boy?
Although using the D-pad would take a lot away from Kaboom!, it would probably
work ok. I have the Pong cart for Game Boy Color, and the conrol for the paddle
is really pretty good. It also allows you to hold down the A button to speed up
the paddle. If you ask me, the game is still very playable. It is not as good as
a  paddle, but it's still fun. Actually, one neat alternative to the paddle is
long since forgotten - remember the lever control for the Radio Shack pong
clone? That was pretty good too.

Ian Primus

Chad 'n' Jennifer Hendrickson wrote:

> I agree.
> It is impossible to recreate the feel of a paddle using buttons.  Period.
> And without a paddle, all paddle games would suck.
> It's kind of interesting... I always thought the paddle was an excellent
> controller and I have yet to see it recreated since the Atari 2600.
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> Subject: [stella] Paddles
> >
> > >My humble suggestion is that you take advantage of 6 of the positions on
> > >the d-pad. That is:
> >
> > Just to give Matt a hard time...
> >
> > Forget it.  If you don't have an actual paddle controller, it's a
> > waste.  Unless someone can wire up an adapter, please don't include
> > KABOOM!, Video Olympics, Warlords, Breakout, or what have you.  The people
> > who have never played these would never appreciate these games like they
> > should.  There's nothing more fun than playing KABOOM! with a thumb and
> > forefinger only... the control a paddle gives ya can't even be
> approximated
> > with the stock GBA controls.
> >
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