RE: [stella] [Poll] What is everybody working on?

Subject: RE: [stella] [Poll] What is everybody working on?
From: "Tempest" <reicher6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:27:24 -0400
I gave up on Dino Eggs for now, the 2600 is too much work.   What I am doing
is working on a new game for the 5200 (that's right, the 5200!).  It's
called Cypher and it's coming along nicely (much quicker than the 2600
game).  Most people dismiss the 5200 as just like programming the 400 but I
invite those people to actually give it a try.  I've found it challenging,
even with all the documentation available for the 400.  It's different
enough to be interesting.

You can see my progress here:

After I get the 5200 version working I'll start on the 2600 port.  Actually,
I may do Dino Eggs for the 5200 first...


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Manuel wrote:

> Now, answer this: What else is cooking at the moment?

> How is Dino Eggs going tempest?

If Tempest shouldn't want to do it, maybe I would. :)

> Any progress yet on the Holy Grail (Space Invaders) side?

I was playing with a kernel, but it's not finished yet.
Anyway I attached the Bin (No, I won't post the code,
it's tooo bad:).

> Tell me please! I'm so damn curious!

Me too!

Have fun!
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