RE: [stella] Linux makewav 4.1 text file

Subject: RE: [stella] Linux makewav 4.1 text file
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 15:18:58 -0400 (EDT)
Hello stella world...

I'm a brand-new list subscriber, it's good to meet you all.

About a week ago I `discovered' atari 2600 programming, and have
been obsessively coding since... So far, I've got a not-quite-game
with a spaceship made of two players, that can be moved around with
the joystick, a playfield that's a border around the screen, and a
ball (actually a missile) that bounces around, a la pong... nothing
special (using the HOR_POS table from David Schweinsberg's droid2.asm
and relying heavily on material from Nick's site...)

I am having a minor problem with player vertical positioning... not
sure if I can explain it properly... when I position the players in
the first 30-40 pixels of the display, they appear to be shifted down
one scanline (my kernel is 2 scanlines per iteration, low res)... I
will post the code as soon as I clean out the huge sections of
commented out code and the profanity (cussing at the thing doesn't
really help, but I keep doing it anyway...)

Unfortunately, the only way I can run my code is with xstella, so my
problem may be a bug/issue with the emulator, but I doubt it (the guy
who wrote the emulator knows a lot more than I do about the 2600, so
it's almost certainly my fault)...

The other thing is, I'm using ca65 (from for a cross
assembler... from reading the archives, it appears that dasm is the
standard here. Should I take the time to port my code to dasm before
posting it here? Shouldn't take long (minor syntax differences can
probably be fixed by a perl script), but I wondered if anyone else
is using ca65? I chose it more or less randomly (well, already had it
installed, as it's a part of the cc65 cross compiler).

Hopefully talk to you soon...

B. Watson


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