[stella] Activision keynote from CGE 2001 available

Subject: [stella] Activision keynote from CGE 2001 available
From: Ben Combee <combee@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 14:32:51 -0500
Hi, I'm running one of the Activision keynote speech distribution sites for Bob Colbert. I'm sending the URL to the Stella list first so

1) You all can have the first chance to get the files
2) To test the site bandwidth -- I'm not sure how well our connection will handle lots of simultaneous downloads.

Please don't post this to the newsgroups today -- I want to see how this works out before opening it up to the world. Definitely don't post it to Slashdot :)

The address is http://combee.techwood.org/cge.html

Send me any feedback if you encounter download problems.
Ben Combee
Techwood Broadcasting Foundation, Austin Bureau Chief

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