Re: [stella] Turbo Switch..

Subject: Re: [stella] Turbo Switch..
From: Chris Wilkson <ecwilkso@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:42:00 -0400 (EDT)
It's possible, but certainly not trivial.

I once doubled the clock rate.  But it took a *lot* of extra circuitry
to make it work because the the sync pulses are based on clock cycles.
Horizontal sync was easy to fix, but vertical was really hard.

Combat really looked funny...I think it was every other line displayed
side by side resulting in a 2x2 display of "identical" pictures.  It
basically wound up squashing 2 frames onto the screen at once.  Sort
of a "de-interlacing" effect.

Unfortunately, I blew up that atari and hadn't learned to take lab notes
yet.  :(  So I don't have the circuitry around still....

(we're talking about shrapnel, it literally blew up!)


On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, nj bloodline wrote:

> A long time ago I recall seeing a "turbo mod" for the 2600.. anyone else
> ever see one?! Sort of like you open the machine, desolder something then
> solder in the new. Not sure if it's really possible..  and had a switch to
> turn on and off.
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