Re: [stella] Adventures in cart building

Subject: Re: [stella] Adventures in cart building
From: Chris Wilkson <ecwilkso@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 17:03:56 -0400 (EDT)
On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, B. Watson wrote:

> ZIF sockets are pretty hard to come by, around here... Soon I'll get annoyed
> enough to go ahead & order a bunch of stuff from Digikey, but until then I'll

Definitely look around first.  They're cheaper at Jameco and maybe BG Micro.
All Electronics is also good, but they're more surplus...

> The roommate tells me, `you should figure out a way to put a PIC inside an
> Atari cart, and use that to control the TIA'... but I don't think it'd work.

You might be able to get something like a simple DPC woking with a PIC.
But it's not worth it at this point.  Best to start with the basics anyway.

> Hrm, but it would be cool to put a POKEY or something inside a 2600 cart,
> if only there were a way to get the audio from it to the TV speaker. Maybe
> a 2600 cart with a POKEY, a GTIA, and an RF modulator inside, so you'd just
> plug your TV into the top of the cart? Might add some RAM while you're at it :)

#69 on my VCS Project list:  get video ram working.  Audio would be much
simpler, of course.

> I'm not familiar with these PLDs... what's a good example of this kind of
> chip?

Try doing a Google search for "palce22v10 datasheet".  It'll get you started.

> Gods know, I've got enough of 'em... Also I discovered that an ISA slot from
> an old mobo can be cut down to fit an Atari cart card edge... so I may end up
> trying to build a cart dumper with a PIC or whatever. Right now I can use my
> EPROM burner as a dumper for 2k and 4k carts, if I desolder the ROM from the
> board. Could use a card edge to pin-header adaptor to dump them without taking
> the cart apart.

Yep, that's all good.  But really, all you need is 2 8-bit registers and
a quad 2-to-1 mux chip to build a parallel port cart dumper.  And the cart
port of course.  Then it just becomes an exercise in writing QBasic drivers.



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