Re: [stella] Help! Technical problem!

Subject: Re: [stella] Help! Technical problem!
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:13:53 -0400 (EDT)
> I don't know anything about Macs, but there's lots of errors in the source
> code that will cause DASM to complain and fail to assemble.
> For one thing, you've used TopLines 3 different times as a loop label.
> Also, DASM is case-sensitive, you've used HSPFirstLoop and HSPFIrstloop to
> mean the same label, but to DASM they're 2 different labels.

Doh!  What happined there is I split it up into having the three different
drawscreen routines, but forgot to change the loop names there.  The
second thing was just a typo.

> Also, you've got lines line `LDA foo, X'... the space before the X
> seems to be confusing the assembler. Should read `LDA foo,X'.


> I'm not sure if it's a typo or not, but there is no PF3 register (PF0,
> PF1, PF2 are the 3 playfield regs)

I am using PF3, PF4, and PF5 as sufixes to my data lables which point to
the data that gets writen to PF0, PF1, and PF2 respectivly for the second
half of the screen on an asymetric playfield.  Of course, the data should
actually be writen to PF0, PF1, and PF2, and I see there is one place in
my code where I screwed that one up.  Thanks.

> Finally, you typed GameGameCalc where you probably meant just GameCalc.

Well, to understand that subtle bit of code design, you have to know that
my code is derived from the "How to Draw a Playfield" demo, which called
the routine "GameCalc", when I split the main loop into the Splash, Help,
and Game loops, I ended up with SplashGameCalc, HelpGameCalc, and
GameGameCalc.  Of course, the Splash and Help loops don't need to do any
game calculations, so those went away and I was left with GameGameCalc.
Yes, I realize that's a little bit obtuse.  Oh well.

> I've added the error messages at the bottom of this message, it sounds
> like your command line shell is dying on you before you get a chance to
> read them.

Thanks your your help.  It makes me feel kinda silly that the errors were
so simple, but I'll have to chalk it up to frustration.  I fixed the
errors, and now it is just "not resolvable" instead of crashing and hosing
my DASM installation.  Maybe it was the ", X" thing that caused the crash,
I'll hopefully never know.

I think I can take it from here...  Until the next giant insurmountable
woe ;-)

--                                         ,
`@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@',@@@'            ,@@@@',@@@'
  `@@@@@@@@@@@@',@@@',aa.       ,aa.   ,@@[  ]@@',@@@' ,aa.'aaaaaaa, aa'
    `@@@@@@@@',@@@|@@@@@@@'  ,@@@@@@'  ]@@[  ]',@@@',@@@@@@@''@@@@',@'
      `@@@@',@@@']@7`,@@',@[]@@@@@',@@[]@@[  ]@@[  ]@7`,@@',@[ '@@@'
        `@a@@@'  ]@,@@',@@@[]@@@' ,@@@[]@@[  ]@@[  ]@,@@',@@@[ ,@@@,
          `@'     `@@@@@@@'  `@@@@@@@' ]@@[  ]@@[   `@@@@@@@',@@@',@@,
                     `~'        `~'    `~~'  `~~'      `~'  '~~' ~~~~~'

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