Re: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide

Subject: Re: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide
From: "Maximiliam Luppe" <maxluppe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 11:06:53 -0300
I'm using Stella Version 0.7a, Built on Jul 30 1997, for Windows and I have
noticed that many demos didn't work. When I load the demos I got only a
black screen with a noise. Does anyone can help me. Thanks.


> > "Hello There" would make a good asymmetrical playfield tutorial, it
> > sounds like. Would love to include it in the V2 Guide.
> Here it is.  It is actually a better demo grade program than the text
> generator because it's simpler.  I also forgot to take out some test
> code and detritus in the text generator (for one thing, the "hello there"
> bitmap is still there, unused, at the end of it.)
> > Hmmm, did you see my ugly 3x5 charset scrolling marquee? Your demo was
> > of the things that inspired it... though I take full blame for the
> headaches
> > people will get from using it :)
> Yeah, more of a special effect than something you'd want to use.
> Why does it flicker so much?  I thought the basic 48-pixel code was
> miraculously flicker-free.  Of course, I'm just skirting stuff other than
> the playfield right now.  You fiend, now you've got me thinking about
> this...
> --Roger Williams

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