[stella] Stella projects I wished to be finished...

Subject: [stella] Stella projects I wished to be finished...
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 10:32:23 +0200 (CEST)
Hi there!

While browsing through the archives for research
(Guide V2 & some secret project... :-) well... 
X-Mas is coming...) I once more stumbled over
some ambitious projects that sadly bit the dust for 
one or the other reason... I'd just like to highlight
some of these of which I think would be worth finishing:

Robert Colberts Multisprite Game (Saboteur?)
- Though I'd rather have it going two steps
  back into cartridge form, I'd even love to
  play a finished supercharger version. It's
  almost done I think...
  -> Source is available

Chris Cracknells Virtual Pet
- One of the funniest things ever done on the list.
  Brilliant artwork so far, again almost done.
  -> Source is missing

Erik Mooneys RPG engine
- Very good looking zelda like thingy
  One definitely should turn it into a game
  -> Source is available

Piero Cavinos Look Mom No Flicker
- Even though the most actual version is in
  demo state, it already has all elements for
  a good platformer done. One of the most
  advanced kernels ever is rotting here
  longing to be recycled...
  -> Source is available

David Schweinsbergs Droid
- Halfway working Impossible Mission 
  thing. It's not that ready to use
  as the other stuff, but yet too
  advanced to be lost forever.
  -> Source is available

Andrew Davies Push
- Though Andrew pretends that it was an early 'QB'
  and that it is finished now -> to me 'Push' is
  a Boxxle/Sokoban engine yet to be completed! :-)

That summs up the archives ~ June 1998
When I dig out more, I'll post a more complete

I think even when the original authors lost interest in 
their babies, it might be interesting for some to take 
them as a jumpstart base for their own projects...


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