[stella] Question

Subject: [stella] Question
From: braves4515@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 22:31:15 EDT
im sure this is totally off topic of Homebrewing but i might as well ask here i got an odd system in teh mail ( a 2600) and i wanted to see if someone could explain this to me.
Heres the finding

1st the boards are very simular.

2nd The board on the heavy 4 ( odd one ) is with little L's on the back all over the back  and has 2 ink marks ( my other one dont have anything like that) . one mark is 212 and another is 2B.

3rd the back is where i see a big difference.

on the noraml looking 4 switch wood. it says on the back:

Atari Inc
Rev. 13
(C) 1980
on the abnormal one is
Atari Inc.
C015519 ( with a A at the end which looked like it wasnt engraved with the rest  might have been carved after when it might have been redesigned. if so. ) also

also says
271 under the date

looks like

Abnormal looking    Normal looking one

C015519A             C015519
Rev 13               Rev 13
(C)1980              (C)1980

can anyone explain this to me
im working on scans but what can you all say about this?
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