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Subject: RE: [stella] Warring Worms
From: "Norby the Robot" <norby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 18:25:36 -0500
<Billy plugs Surround into the Atari 2600 for the first time in his life>
Billy: Doh!

I can't say anything except I had a nagging suspicion that someone who PLAYS
their Atari cartridges a little more often than I do would eventually point
something out like this to me.  In my defense, I am just a little too young
(born the year Atari 2600 was released) to have had quite the hard-core
Atari youths that many have had.

I hope no one got the impression that I am attempting to portray my game as
anything more than what it is, or I was just ripping off another game's
idea.  I figured there would be something similar out there, just never
looked very hard.  I was having too much fun just programming the game.
Forunately for me I didn't release the original non-guns version of it and
say, "wow look at the cool new thing I've done."  I certainly will include
the fact that it now seems as if "Warring Worms" is a derivative of Surround
on my webpage.

It is a little interesting to me how the same idea led to nearly identical
playing fields and game play.  I guess that comes with the limitations of
the Atari hardware.  I guess I now I will have to try extra hard to make
sure the game stands on its own. It has the guns and the various starting
fields, which Surround does not.  I already have a rudimentary AI for a one
player game and am working on improving it.  I plan on making a one-player,
hostile enviroment game, space permitting.  I also have a snazzy title
screen, which I will point out that Surround does not :>

As for the name, I know it is not a masterpiece, but it beats the heck out
of the previous versions of the name:
Snakes  <- misleading, another game called snakes exists, and is very
Wormy Blast
Wormy Worms

You can thank my wife for "Warring Worms" as a title.

I had one suggestion of "Warrior Worms" which is pretty good, unfortunately,
it is probably too late to change the name now.

As for immediately comparing the game to Tron and the light cycles game,
that comes from a game I use to play on TRS-80 model III's (ancient even
then) in middle school.

And yes, I have been lurking for a few days now.  Just had to respond to the
Warring Worms discussion.

(Who, in case you haven't figured it out by now, is the programmer of
"Warring Worms.")

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>It looks like a smart variation on some classic videogame concepts. I'd
>like to see it finished. I just don't like the name :-)

One thing I find interesting is how pop culture has associated the Surround
type game as originating in Tron rather than the early arcade games like
Dominos and Blockade.  It's even more interesting that the author doesn't
seem to remember that this style of game already exists as Surround on the

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