RE: [stella] VCS.H?

Subject: RE: [stella] VCS.H?
From: "Brian Prescott" <bprescot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 08:33:23 -0500

In addition, in the VCS.H that you are using, there are some things missing
(some reset addresses) and the AUDV1 value is incorrect.  (Which can be a
real pain when you try to figure out why the sound isn't working right, as I
found out because I too started out using the VCS.H from Nick's site...  :D)

I have since switched to the VCS.H available on Eckhard's site, which seems
to be a nicer version.  Of course, as Thomas pointed out, you have to define
some more stuff in your code.


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> I think something's wrong with my VCS.H.  Whenever I assemble a program
> that reads SWCHA I'm getting all zeroes.  This thing happens both on the
> emulator and the real thing.

On a second glance... Switch B equates are wrong too. It should be:

; Switch B equates
SWCHB   =  $0282
SWBCNT  =  $0283



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