Re: [stella] Re: Gunfight Release Candidate(s)

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: Gunfight Release Candidate(s)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 21:58:10 +0100
Hi Glenn!

>Hm... in all my (Mega Drive / Super NES) experiences, a
>difference between 50/60 doesn't make any difference,
>neither in sound nor in gameplay.

>The 2600 sound channels seem to behave quite 
differently in PAL vs. NTSC 
>(see the charts).

>If you sequenced Ring of Fire to PAL, that might 
explain why it seems so out 
>of tune in NTSC.  

Hm... I sequenced NTSC notes for the NTSC BIN on Z26.

> You may have to do some conditional assembly and have 
>totally different sequence for NTSC music vs. PAL, in 
order to find the 
>sweet intonation spot for both.

Point is, that I'm totally deaf'n'dumb about music. All 
I did so far was converting note tables to VCS frequency 
values at all my best knowledge/ears/calculations.

So the actual music is really the best _I_ can produce.

All I can offer is, that if someone comes up with a 
better sounding set of notes - be it for PAL - be it for 
NTSC - I can replace it and/or handle that with compile 

How the engine works is described in my TSM posting, the 
used pitch/distortion tables can be found in there, too.

So if someone provides me with better fitting tables, 
let's say within the next two weeks, I'll be happy to 
replace the current one's.


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