Re: [stella] DD Dead end?

Subject: Re: [stella] DD Dead end?
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 19:59:35 -0800
One idea that came to mind...

Have a four-line kernel doing odd and even two-line lines.
On odd two-line-lines, do one player and one pedestrian,
trying P0 and Ped0 first and doing P1 and Ped1 only if
P0 and Ped0 aren't interfering.  On even two-line lines,
do the same thing but give P1 and Ped1 priority.

You'll still get horizontal interference, but it will be much
less distracting than flicker, just a reduction in resolution
(and only for the part of the sprite that is interfered with).
I think you will find this frees up enough cycles to let
the playfield suck up half and yet won't look half bad
in a busy game where everything is in motion.

You will probably also have to use all the other ideas
you mentioned, such as RAM buffering the sprites
and separating the HMOVE and width data for
pedestrians.  But I think it's do-able.

--Roger Williams

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