Re: [stella] Poker Solitaire, build 00f

Subject: Re: [stella] Poker Solitaire, build 00f
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 23:51:56 -0500 (EST)
On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, B. Watson wrote:

> I might just have to use your crib sheet.. though I was trying to avoid
> the ALL CAPS syndrome, and experimenting with a proportional font,
> yours is easier to read. I guess PF graphics & lowercase letters don't
> mix..

Yep.  Unless you go with something like seven block high characters, you
simply cannot have certain letters lowercase, and certain other ones will
be too high compaired to others.  Even then, decenders (gjpqy) are still a
big problem.  The PF is just too low resolution to do lowercase well.

> The colors do help a lot, I was already thinking of coloring the text,
> though with solid colors instead of a gradient (to me, it's more
> readable, even tho the gradient is visually prettier)

That's a valid point.

> > It might be a neat effect to cycle the colors within each row of that
> > table.
> >
> Neat-looking, but I think it would kill readability. On a black
> background, the text would actually appear to shrink & grow as it gets
> brighter & dimmer (at least on most TVs)

You are correct, that is called "blooming" I think, and is usually the
result of the power supply being too cheap, or so I have read somewhere.
I am so spoiled by the LCD display on my Powerbook, I failed to anticipate

> Wouldn't be all that difficult to score during the game, I guess..
> There's enough time to score one hand per frame, and I'm only allowing
> the cards to be placed on every 16th frame.. The routine will have to
> know to skip card #52 (the blank card), that's easy enough.

My thought was not counting the score for a hand until it is complete, but
that may actually be harder since you would have to add a routine to
recognize that... actually, it would probably be about the same dificulty.

> 3x5 pixels would look odd, the way I'm doing it. Those 3 score digits
> are the same 3 players as the first 3 card columns, I don't reposition
> them. So there's 8 pixels of blank space between each 2 digits.. a 3x5
> font would give me a 3-pixel-wide number and 13 blank pixels instead.
> This font is 8x8, and actually takes up the whole 8 pixels both ways, to
> minimize the blank space between the digits. I still think it needs more
> work (was trying to make it a little more ornate than most 2600 fonts)

I guess I was just thinking PF fonts again...

> > If you score the diagonals, you should increase the points required
> > to rate a given color code in the final score by 20%.
> >
> Nah, not that much. Anything you score in the diagonals is almost
> accidental.

Scoring the diagonals would change my playing stratagy...

> Hmm. I'm working on a card game, Erik is working on a card game
> (Euchre), you're about to start on a card game.. If we were able to
> release the games as a Deluxe Card Games Pack or something, it would be
> pretty cool (maybe a multi-cart, or 3 individual carts with labels in
> the same style and in the same box).. though I dunno how interested I am
> in making/ordering carts and having manuals printed & such. It would be
> a fun thing, for the few people who bought a boxed set, but it would be
> a royal pain to produce, and would cost a lot of money to do right.

I can see it now: "Euchre, Poker Solitare, and Double King Pede"  wait,
Double King Pede?  What's that!?  (Serously obscure, search for "double
king pede" on google, and you will get *one* hit, and it's a PDF file of
a Springfield, Vermont town report.  According to google, Euchre is 74,700
times more popular)

       |@ ]@[ @|
       |@ ]@[ @|           /@@@@@\ |@@@@@@@@@| /@@@@@\   +@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|
       J@ ]@[ @K          ;@@@^@@@;|@@@@@@@@@|;@@@^@@@;  |@@@| \@@@L |@@@|
      .@| ]@[ |@.         J@@' `@@K   |@@@|   J@@' `@@K  |@@@| /@@@K |@@@|
      J@' ]@[ `@K        ;@@@@@@@@@;  |@@@|  ;@@@@@@@@@; |@@@@@@@@L  |@@@|
     J@F  ]@[  `@K       J@@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|  J@@@@@@@@@K |@@@|\@@@\  |@@@|
   J@@'   ]@[   `@@K    ;@@@@   @@@@; |@@@| ;@@@@   @@@@;|@@@| `@@@L |@@@|
 J@@P     ]@[     9@@K  J@@@V   ?@@@K |@@@| J@@@V   ?@@@K|@@@|   \@@@|@@@|
@@P       ]@[       9@@K

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