[stella] Re: 2600 availability

Subject: [stella] Re: 2600 availability
From: apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:23:05 GMT
Phantom of the Opcodes writes:

Phantom of the Opcodes writes:

Yes, I intend to get an NTSC VCS one of these days.
NTSC VCS don't turn up often locally (Adelaide, Australia).

There's a used game store 5 miles down the road from me that had 4 of them last week... I wouldn't mind shipping one to you, if you could reimburse me (the units are selling for $25US, I dunno how much shipping from Atlanta to Adelaide, Australia might be) they have a couple of 2600jr's, those would presumably be lighter, and they also have 4-switch units.. do you have an NTSC TV to use it with?

Thanks for the offer, but not this time. Shipping it would probably cost more than the machine...
I am surprised that it costs $25. When found locally (PAL ones) they can be had for about AUS$15 (about US$8)

Slightly off topic, but a question to everyone: How easy is it to find VCSs in your area?
Here in Adelaide they are not very common, but when found they are usually in the AUS$10 - $20 range, and carts AUS$1-$5.
Finding the machines and the carts is the easy part of the process as when found they usually work, but finding controllers in good condition is much less common.

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