Re: [stella] Re: Poker Solitaire/Squares build 025

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: Poker Solitaire/Squares build 025
From: Phantom of the Opcodes <urchlay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 11:15:47 -0500 (EST)
On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Phantom of the Opcodes writes: 
> > I wish I could get a PAL VCS, but I'd also need a PAL TV to connect it to,
> > which is a hard thing to come by in the US...
> Yes, I intend to get an NTSC VCS one of these days.
> NTSC VCS don't turn up often locally (Adelaide, Australia). 

There's a used game store 5 miles down the road from me that had 4 of them last
week... I wouldn't mind shipping one to you, if you could reimburse me (the
units are selling for $25US, I dunno how much shipping from Atlanta to
Adelaide, Australia might be) they have a couple of 2600jr's, those would
presumably be lighter, and they also have 4-switch units.. do you have an
NTSC TV to use it with?

> > 
> > So the jitter is just my imagination? At least in the PAL version? Can anyone
> > confirm this for the NTSC version too? (I no longer trust my eyes, at least
> > not when they're looking at my TV)
> I find it really hard to look at a simple static TV image and not notice the 
> defects, and wobbles. But any motion I saw was minimal, and likely beyond 
> programmer control. 
> What type of VCS are you using? I have tried a few and some of them just 
> generated noisy signals (especially the 2600 Jrs. and most of the clones). 

I test on a 6-switch model with a 1979 sticker on the bottom.. it puts out a
much less noisy signal than my 4-switch. I don't have a Jr. (will probably
get one soon, to make sure my stuff works on it).



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