Re: [stella] Re: 2600 availability

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: 2600 availability
From: "Yvo Zoer" <yzoer@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:40:37 -0800
They're still relatively easy to find up here in Canada AFAIK. Thrift stores
such as Value Village sell them for around $10 ( that's about $7US )
and usually check / fix them. (Canadian online want-ad ) has people selling them, usually with
a heap of games.


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> On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Phantom of the Opcodes writes:
> >
> > >
> > > There's a used game store 5 miles down the road from me that had 4 of
them last
> > > week... I wouldn't mind shipping one to you, if you could reimburse me
> > > units are selling for $25US, I dunno how much shipping from Atlanta to
> > > Adelaide, Australia might be) they have a couple of 2600jr's, those
> > > presumably be lighter, and they also have 4-switch units.. do you have
> > > NTSC TV to use it with?
> >
> > Thanks for the offer, but not this time. Shipping it would probably cost
> > more than the machine...
> > I am surprised that it costs $25. When found locally (PAL ones) they can
> > had for about AUS$15 (about US$8)
> >
> This is at a really nice retail/used game store, with a 30-day `no
> asked' return policy, and the units come with 2 joysticks and a set of
> paddles..  Still kind of overpriced, but...
> > Slightly off topic, but a question to everyone: How easy is it to find
> > in your area?
> > Here in Adelaide they are not very common, but when found they are
> > in the AUS$10 - $20 range, and carts AUS$1-$5.
> > Finding the machines and the carts is the easy part of the process as
> > found they usually work, but finding controllers in good condition is
> > less common.
> ...the *only* place I know of in my area (Atlanta) that still has VCS
> is that overpriced retail store. I've been to 3 different flea markets and
> 3 different thrift stores, and haven't seen a single one (though I did
> an Atari Jaguar at one of the flea markets, which is such a rare thing
> here that I thought they were vaporware for years). Some of the people I
> talked to at the flea markets didn't even remember what a 2600 is (the
> or never even heard of one (the kids). Most of the retail game store
> are young enough that they never had a 2600...
> One of the flea markets did have a booth with about 50 carts, a few of
> I'd never seen before, but they were $5 each.. the retail store has maybe
> 100-150 2600 carts, which they sell 3 for $10, but you have to pay
> and make sure you don't accidentally grab any of the 7800 or Intellivision
> carts that are mixed in (no, they don't have 7800 or Intellivision
> 20 years ago, *everyone* I knew who could afford one (or more likely whose
> parents could afford one) had a 2600... there are probably still some to
> had at garage sales, but most of them are sitting in an attic somewhere.
> What I wish I could find, is a 5200. Years ago I found a stack of 5200
> left by the previous tenants of a house I was moving into, but the only
> console I've ever owned was broken when I got it and I never could fix it
> (and I don't even have it now)
> I do know where I could get a 7800, probably really cheap, but it involves
> an ex-girlfriend I'd rather not think about now...
> As for the 2600 controllers, I haven't seen any other than at the
> retail place, and they want something like $10 if you're not also buying a
> console. The one good thing about that place is that if anything doesn't
> they will exchange/replace/refund until you're happy. I've still got a
> stash of controllers from years ago (including 2 of my all-time favorite,
> Wico red bat-handled stick with leaf spring contacts!), so I haven't
> looked for them.
> Argh. Did I really rant *that* much about this off-topic topic? Sorry
> that...
> B.
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