Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection

Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection
From: "MoonlightKnight" <mnlghtnt@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:26:15 -0600
Now I need to put my two cents in here as well.

I agree with Al that supporting homebrewers is very important and that it's
the games themselves not necessarily the collection of that makes being a
collector fun.

I started doing this because I liked the games, not just because I'm a pack
rat. It's great to get a copy of a game you've never played before, although
sometimes the game can be a real let-down.

I've been selling to would-be collectors on E-Bay copies of games that I
already have in order to get money to obtain titles that I don't have. I can
buy a copy of most games for $1 or $2 and have sold them for as much as $35.

My suggestion to some of you homebrewers is to sell your games in a public
forum like E-Bay where EVERYONE will see you. Trust me, if you want people
to buy your carts, E-Bay is a good place to sell them. Once people find out
what you've got and who you are they'll be fighting over copies of your
games. And the better your games are the more fighting you'll get. More
fighting = more money. Why settle for $5 or $16 when you could get $30 or
$40 or more? Why not make a little money off of something you obviously have
a talent for while at the same time getting your titles in front of more

I know that money alone doesn't motivate you guys to make your games, but
hey, who couldn't use a little more money?

I'll probably get flak for saying all this, but it needed to be said.

Brian J Nelson
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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection

> Just want to give my opinion here..  I enjoy collecting carts as much as
> next guy, but for me it comes down to the games themselves.  With
> if they're fun to play and the author has made them available for
> it's nice to support them by purchasing their games. I have done this with
> several titles, even after the arrival of the Cuttle Cart.  There are
> more I need to buy, like Thomas Jentzsch's titles.  :)
> However, with the Cuttle Cart, if I can get the money straight into the
> developer's hands and play the games on the Cuttle Cart, that is something
> I'd consider doing.  For me I also like having the physical cart,
> if some effort went into the packaging.  But for games that are sold by
> Hozer, if I had a choice to pay $5 directly to the author or $16 for the
> cart, I'd probably go for the direct route. I could then spend $15 on
> different games, with $5 going to three different authors, hopefully
> encouraging them to write more titles in their spare time.
> I've bought tons of shareware and even commercial apps in this same
> I don't need the physical media as long as I can download and make an
> archival copy of the software.
>  ..Al
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> Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection
> > At 05.02.2002, 08:38, Chad Schell wrote:
> > > Give it a try.  You might be surprised.  I know a lot of people that
> will
> > > happily spend $5.00 for just about anything, but balk at spending
> > > $16.00.  Everyone has their threshold.
> >
> > If that helps: Two or three people have offered me some money for
> > playing Thrust on CC. I didn't want it, but it show's the situation.
> >
> > When establishing an official way of paying the number might increase.
> >
> > Have fun!
> > Thomas
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