[stella] E-Bay explanations

Subject: [stella] E-Bay explanations
From: "MoonlightKnight" <mnlghtnt@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 23:38:24 -0600
Ok. Let me explain what I meant. While I agree that some prices are
outrageous on E-Bay, for some people that is the ONLY place to find rare
games. The only store I know that sells Atari stuff is about 30 miles from
my house and they usually have a very small selection. So for people like
me, find these games in the wild is impossible no matter what the price.

Also, I didn't mean to say that the only place to sell a homebrew should be
E-Bay. I meant that it should be utilized as and outlet to generate
interest in your games and a little more cash for your games, so as to fund
future homebrews. I got my Cuttle Cart off E-Bay and only paid about $15
more than he was selling the for off his website (that was with shipping
included.) and the only reason I bought it this way is because I wasn't sure
if I would be able to get a copy otherwise.

Remeber, there are two kind of collectors (and I think someone mentioned
this in a previous thread,) there are game players who collect because they
love the games. then there are pack rats, who collect eveything because it's
new, bright and shiny, or just plain rare. You tell a pack rat there is only
100 copies and they'll try to buy them all if they can afford it just so
noone else gets one. These are the people I can't stand.

I don't mind paying a little more for something that is rare or scarce, but
there is a limit, on a case by case basis, that I'm not willing to cross.
$100 for a copy of Waterworld is pushing it, but I would be willing to pay
$50 to $75 for one.

As far as "people who have no interest in the hobby whatsoever," my
experience has been that most of these people have no idea what these
cartridges could be worth and start their auctions below $10 or sell large
groups of games for cheap.
It's the people buying them that drive the prices sometimes to unattainable
levels. I once say a copy of one of the U.S.Games titles with the box &
manual go for over $500 when the guy started the auction for $9.99.

Anyway, just like you Chris, I haven't bought all the homebrews yet because
of cash flow. But soon that will change and I'll zip over to Hozer to pick
some of them up. My point is sales will increase by putting at least some of
your inventory in a place like E-Bay where everyone can see it.

Well sorry about my rant guys, but I felt I needed to clairify myself

Brian J Nelson
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Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection

> And here's my 2 ^H^H 10 cents...
> Ebay is a large part of why I'm so bitter all the time.  By putting your
> wares on Ebay, you price most people right out of buying your item.  When
> I started collecting, you could get most games for under 5 bucks through
> rgvc or whatever.  When the Digital press guide came out, prices went
> soaring.  But when the Ebay phenomenon started, it was no longer possible
> to find cartrdiges in the wild because everyone, even people who had no
> interest in the hobby whatsoever was buying everything they could get
> hand on to resell on ebay.  It's a wasteland out there...
> Many people are in this hobby because "nobody else wants this crap" as one
> of my poor friends stated.  I agree that one of the draws to classic
> is that you don't have to give a week's salary to get something new.
> I've tried to but a copy of every homebrew that's come through this list,
> and a few that haven't.  Granted, I didn't buy every game, but those were
> released when I had no extra cash flow, much to my regret.  I'll get them
> eventually.
> Now I have no problem with an author trying to make extra money.
> at the expense of people who suffer from Rich Kid Syndrome.  But if that's
> the only avenue of release for a game, I won't buy one.  Period.  In fact,
> there was one game (and I forget which title it was) that the Ebay debacle
> turned me off of completely.  I didn't even try to get one from Hozer.
> Ok, this has turned into a bitter rant, and I hate it when people do that.
> My apologies.  So let me end by saying this:
> To any any game authors out there I would offer this suggestion: post some
> copies of your game to Ebay.  But also do a normal release though Hozer or
> Junie's (check them out BTW! http://embark.to/juniescreations) or wherever
> fine games are sold.  And please mention on Ebay that the game will be
> available through other outlets.  It's not fair to scalp people.  And in
> fact, it will almost guarantee that they don't buy a second title from you
> if they find out.
> -Chris
> On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, MoonlightKnight wrote:
> > Now I need to put my two cents in here as well.
> > My suggestion to some of you homebrewers is to sell your games in a
> > forum like E-Bay where EVERYONE will see you. Trust me, if you want
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